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    Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Set with Argan Oil

    Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair System with Argan Oil and Macadamia oil is a premium sulfate free and paraben free hair repair and restoration system designed to restore, strengthen, and revitalize hair that is dry or that has been damaged or weakened by heat styling, chemical processing, or coloring. This 3-part system is made up of a specially formulated shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning hair repair mask that when used in combination will hydrate and condition dry and damaged hair bringing it back to life. Your hair will be left softer, silkier, easier to manage and will have a healthier looking appearance. After using this transformational hair treatment system you will fall back in love with your hair again.

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    ArtNaturals Tea-Tree-Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    artnaturals strongly believes in the power of our natural senses, which is why we integrate aromatherapy and essential oils throughout our growing collection of naturally-focused products.

    Our sense of smell is primal, used to warn us against dangers and even help us find food. Scents are known to conjure up memories, and the aroma of food is also a vital part of how we experience flavor. But beyond these everyday uses, our sense of smell can be used to promote well being through the use of pure essential oils.

    At artnaturals, we know that our sense of smell can be an important tool in the pursuit of physical and spiritual harmony. By using the oldest of our senses, along with the ancient knowledge of plants, it is now possible to balance our minds, bodies and spirits the way our ancestors once did. The human race has been utilizing plants for their medicinal properties for over 5000 years, and at artnaturals we have drawn inspiration from this tradition in choosing some of the most beneficial plant oils to offer our community.

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    Baxter of California Clay Pomade

    Strong hold, matte finish pomade. This men’s hair wax separates, defines, and molds styles. Infused with natural ingredients such as clay and beeswax, the texturizing formula creates a strong, pliable hold without shine.

    $23.00 $21.85
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    Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray 6ozs

    The 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray is a protein-rich spray that gives your hair an extra boost of volume and texture. The formula is infused with sea salt and hops to mimic those “just-off-the-beach” waves with the perfect body. For best results, spray evenly, starting at the roots on damp or towel-dried hair. Parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes? Never. Handsome? Always. Can be used by men and women

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    Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

    For maximum control, our 90 proof hair pomade, infused with hops, provides a strong hold and will leave hair with a workable matte finish.

    $24.00 $20.00
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    COLOR WOW Security Shampoo

    A 180 degree departure from typical color care products. Sulfate-free formula is also free of dulling, darkening residues: no silicones, no conditioning agents, no pearlizing agents that corrupt color.

    $30.00 $23.00
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    DevaCurl Ultra Defining Hair Gel, 32oz

    “If you want a non-drying gel that’ll give you strong curl control and enhance definition without the frizz or crunch, your search is over! The DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel provides a strong hold and surrounds your curls with a non-sticky, protective curl cast that defines curl shape. This unique formula is made with wheat and soy proteins, locking in moisture and amping up shine and bounce. How To Use: Rub gel between palms. Tilt head forward then scrunch gel all over very wet curls in an upward motion. Use the DevaCurl DevaTowel to soak up excess water and speed up air-drying time. Now hands off! Once curls are completely dry, shake at the root and gently scrunch upward again to soften the firm cast. You’ll get soft, crunch-free curls.”

    $35.37 $27.37
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    Herbal Essences Shine Collection Shampoo, 33.8 FL OZ

    Embracing you like a meadow of fresh flowers, this luxurious shampoo has a blend of chamomile, aloe vera, and passion flower botanical extracts. This shampoo cleans to reveal natural shine and takes your hair to a place it’s never been before.

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    Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner for Thinning Hair

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    Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum

    Kerastase is one of the leading Hair Care brands on the market today. We offer up to 30% discount on all Kerastase products.

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    L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo with 5 Essential Oils

    Transform your hair from dry and damaged to strong and shiny with the Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo.
    $35.00 $29.00
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    Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Collection

    Gently eliminate toxins and impurities with this targeted trio of noteworthy hair helpers that deliver a deep cleaning detox that effectively removes and repels damaging hard water mineral buildup for restored clarity and balance
    $40.00 $30.00